Yes, Thomas Bryant just dunked in his own basket (Video)

The Washington Wizards center appeared to go for a defensive rebound, but then he dunked the ball in his own basket.

The NBA is known for its mostly flawless basketball. But sometimes, even the best of its athletes can deal with brain-farts and commit some head-scratching blunders. That was evident during Saturday’s game between the Orlando Magic and the Washington Wizards.

In the third quarter, Magic guard Markelle Fultz went for a two-point jump shot, but the ball bounced off the rim of the basket. That’s when Wizards center Thomas Bryant entered the picture, as he appeared to leap for a rebound. Instead, he actually went for a one-handed dunk…into Washington’s own basket. Bryant knew instantly that he messed up.

It’s okay, Thomas. We’ve all made regrettable mistakes before.